Join ARISE 4-14 Global Prayer Movement

Join ARISE 4-14 Global Prayer Movement

King’s Kids NA continues to partner with ‘ARISE!’ and Global 4/14 Day 

In 2013, children & their families gathered across 35 countries, 20 time zones, worshipping Jesus & praying to their Father.

We pray that the momentum will continue and look forward to hearing from you.

Our team prayed for direction for 2014, specifically on April 14 2014 falling on a Mon (which will not work for almost all).

We feel led to do the following:

1.      Theme for ARISE! 2014: Sing a New Song to the Lord

2.      ARISE! will run through the whole month of April around the world (it is 4-14).

Cities/Countries are invited to choose a weekend in April to gather the children in praise, worship and prayer that is most suitable for your country

3.      Let’s help our children grow deeper in their relationship & develop a lifestyle of worship

a.      Coordinators can encourage parents to worship with their children during the whole month

b.      Carolin Sadler in Canada is helping to prepare devotions for a whole month, we will send it to you soonest possible
– it includes a section on the new song, highlight a justice or need issue children can pray about
(if your children have written a song to the Lord, do send it to us and the story behind it)

c.      She has also gotten permission to distribute the KKI discipleship series Generations of Destiny

We pray that you will join us this year to gather your children.

Please let us know if you will be participating in 2014 at: 

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